New Landscaping & Trees

With spring coming, it is time to think about new landscaping. This is the time of year where you need to think about a new landscaping for your yard. We do a great job of bringing in our equipment to change the look of your lawn. Our approach is simply. We take your whole yard and recreate a new one. We start by grading out your entire yard. We get rid of all of the original bad grass that would keep new grass from forming. We then dig out the trenches for the sprinkler system. We recognize that all yards need a sprinkler system if you want to get that great green look. Following this installation of the sprinkler system, we spray the entire yard that is now dirt to keep old grass and weeds from growing. Following this, we have a tree company come in and cut down any trees that would keep the new grass from growing. We have trusted this tree company for years. This is there website

Following this, we call our team of professionals to come and plant trees. Sometimes we will use the tree company above. Sometimes we will use our team. Following planting trees and setting the plants in the appropriate places, we cover up the beds with a deep dark brown rich mulch. Following this, we set a time on which we put out the sod. This is a long day and it takes a lot of work. We bring out our entire team to help with this process. Depending on the yard, it normally takes about 5-7 hours of work.

Following this, it is incredible to watch the home owners as they come home to see their beautiful new yard. It is amazing how it can change the whole look of the house. It increases the value of the home.

Getting Ready for Spring!

Do you need some yard work done? What about some tender loving care to your trees? It is that time of year where we begin to think about getting your yard ready for spring. This includes thinking through your grass, mulch, and pruning your trees.

Get a game plan. What about your yard needs attention? Do you have patches of grass? Do you need to reseed? Do you need to sod? Do you need to put mulch in your beds? What about flowers? As you think through, it is helpful that you set the priorities of your lawn. Where do you want to spend money first? What is most important to you?

These are great things to be thinking through as you prepare for the upcoming spring. We are here to help you think through all of your landscaping needs. We would love to be able to help you.