An Open Letter to Rocket Jones Employees


My name is Jessica Sideways and I must admit to a certain level of excitement and camaraderie when I was hired at Rocket Jones. I also believed that Jeff Bristol was a man of good character, a man who would do right by me. I believed him, I trusted him, and I was wrong to do so.

Jeff Bristol is a man who will take your career and eviscerate it on a whim. I know this, because he has done it to me. This is not a man who cares one bit about the truth or doing right by his employees. This is a man who callously, maliciously and wantonly lied about me and if he does it to me with such a cavalier attitude, I can only imagine that he has done it to others. Working for Rocket Jones is career suicide and you’ll never see it coming. I know, because I didn’t.

I felt that Jeff was not just a boss, but a friend. He played me to that level – I honestly could have never seen this coming! Now, I understand why he uses such a weird time keeping system to pay us all! Because if the wind turns and he suddenly decides that he doesn’t want you around for whatever reason – he can easily lie and claim that you falsified your time cards as well.

I sincerely urge you to walk away from Rocket Jones. Run, if you can. It may be hard getting another job, especially once Jeff starts lying about you. But do you really want to lend your labour to a company that would gleefully lie about another human being? Would you really want to live with the uncertainty that Jeff will not only fire you but will also lie about you to any future employer that tries to get in touch with you?



Press Release: Jessica Sideways Sues Rocket Jones for Defamation

About to send this out to every media outlet in Northern Colorado. Woo hoo. :)



Longmont resident breaks her silence about corruption at Rocket Jones, sues former employer for defamation.

LONGMONT, Colorado, U.S.A., 4 January 2016 – Citing recent attempts by Jeff Bristol, Rocket Jones and Karli Arisman to defame her, Longmont resident Jessica Sideways announced today that she has filed a lawsuit against Rocket Jones Interactive, LLC and Jeff Bristol and Karli Arisman individually.

Sideways, 28, was wrongfully terminated from Rocket Jones on 10 November 2014 and since that date, Jeff Bristol has been lying about her. His lies include claiming that Jessica has falsified time cards and engaged in “ethical misconduct”.

“I was disgusted to be associated through my previous employment with people who are so unethical in their dealings. After trying for the last year to move past what happened to me at Rocket Jones, it was determined that since the day I was fired, Jeff has been lying about me. If he would lie about me, who wouldn’t he lie about?”, she stated.

Sideways states that she is suing in district court in order to (a) prove her innocence of the false charges Jeff is making against her and (b) levy the appropriate penalties so that Rocket Jones could possibly reform and stop lying about former employees. Additionally, she finds it ironic that Jeff and his ilk are lying about her while Jeff and his business are overcharging their clients, which include the City of Fort Collins by a factor of ten.

On her personal blog, Jessica Sideways writes about topics such as nationality, the need for strengthened protections for labour, ethical occultism, web development and personal improvement. When she is not being lied about by former employers, Jessica works as a web developer.

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